The top 5 marine litter Instagram pages to follow


There are so many Instagram pages run by people who are working to fight against the problem of marine litter.

Here are my top 5 marine litter Instagram pages to follow:



The 2 minute beach clean crew are let’s say the ones who introduced me to beach cleans!! So in that respect I owe them a lot. They are for me and many others, the Mother of beach cleaning campaigns. They share pictures from around the UK and wherever the beach clean tribe are around the world. So if you go on a beach clean (big or small) make sure to hashtag it on Instagram with  #2minutebeachclean . It’s so fascinating to see what people find on their local beaches by doing beach cleans around the world.



  1. @GNARLYBEACHCLEANER (international)

These guys are from the USA and their mission is simple!!  They want to make beach cleaning fun and they sure do that with their #makeitfunmovement. They are based in the Venice Beach area, L.A but are greatly supported in the UK, as they have the same mission as many other campaigns and charities, which is cleaning up the beaches and creating awareness of marine litter. Go check out their Instagram page and find some funny and enjoyable videos surrounding the subject of beach cleaning. We love you from across the pond!




Surfers Against Sewage, now where do I start? They are fantastic. The work they do is fantastic and their campaigns are wonderful. I follow them for the purpose of keeping up to date on beach cleans and the campaigns they are running. Go and have a look. This charity is a force to be reckoned with. KEEP IT UP!! We beach lovers admire you!

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Hundreds of UK beaches receive record-breaking Spring Clean 231 Big Spring Beach Cleans – covering all regions of the UK Over 8,000 SAS volunteers – including over 30 schools, universities and surf schools 35 Tonnes – of marine litter removed from our coastline Over 10 Tonnes – of marine plastic intercepted to be recycled into new products Weird and Wonderful – Among this record-breaking haul were Scandinavian fish boxes, deck chairs, all manner of underwear, false teeth, trolleys, deck chair and a gentleman’s pipe to name a few. Retro Rubbish – as usual a lot of ‘Retro Rubbish’ was collected, including; a 1960’s Moffat Maid Orange Crush can, a Smith’s Crisps packet from 1979, a Golden Wonder packet from 1969 and an American yogurt pot from 1998. The Usual Suspects – sadly the usual offenders were found on our beaches in their thousands; single use plastic bottles, plastic cotton bud sticks, cigarette butts and cans. Notable Absences – this year beach clean volunteers reported a notable absence of single use plastic bags since the 5p charge was brought in. Most common anecdote from the weekend for Lead Volunteers – “That was the biggest turn out/haul we have ever had” @parleyxxx @kleankanteen @magicseaweed @surfinggb #MiniBeachClean #bigspringbeachclean #BSBC16 #ParleyxSAS #marinelittercrisis #MarineLitterMuseum #DoSomethingGreat

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The Plastic Project is an interesting page to follow in regard to Marine Litter. In the bio, it states how they are ‘changing the world’s attitude towards plastic through adventure and surf,’ and that just sums it up perfectly. Although the Instagram page is incredible, I would also advise you to check out their website:




This page is run by Michelle Costello, who states in her bio how she cleans Cornish Beaches in the UK and makes artwork from the bits of plastic she finds. She also highlights how she is ‘part of the #2minutebeachclean family.’ Be sure to give this magical page a browse and see what fascinating things you can do with marine litter found on our beaches.



Do you have an Instagram page? Comment Below.

Amy x

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